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Dear CODOS – Lover,

Covid came and stayed longer than we all wished for. It hit everybody in a different way and it was and still is devastating on various levels. Some people lost loved ones, some jobs, some their sanity…some also just did fine and made babies but one is for sure – it was and still is challenging for EVERYBODY.

We – the hospitality industry had to make sacrifices  as well of course– we don’t want to make any comparisons – as we mentioned above everybody is suffering in a different way. Since the beginning – we are in constant discussions with our team and deciding the next steps together – we kept our stores opened and closed them in times where we felt unsafe. We pushed through and one main reason for that was the reaction of our guests – we were/are “the ONE good and “normal” thing in their days –  specially during lockdown times.

We appreciate our guests and their loyalty during these times immensely – this truly means the world to us. But we also appreciate our staff, who shows up since 1,5 years. Sometimes we as guests forget that the ones who serves us are human too, that THEY are going through Covid as well, that they might have lost loved ones as well, that they eventually might be scared as well….that they also have to deal with angry guests or guests who tend to blame them for all the constantly changing covid regulations we all have to deal with. 

Our point is – we are all human – as cheasy as it sounds – and we are ALL dealing with this – our aim is to brighten your day and to give you a little comfort even through coffee and food but please be nice to the ones who show up and let us be ALL a little more compassionate.


Your CODOS – team