Finca Medina

Guatemala, Antigua

Chocolate Cashew Tangerine & whatever you taste


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(4,36  / 100 g)
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Farm was founded in 1842. It covers an area of ​​100 hectares and is located at the foot of the Agua volcano on the outskirts of the city of Antigua.
Finca Medina combines modern technology and traditional methods to grow coffee.
All berries are grown in the shade, a technology that helps protect the soil and control weeds, eliminating the need for chemical herbicides. Compost, made from coffee pulp, farm waste and waste water left over from fermentation of the berries, is used instead of chemical fertilizers.
The drip irrigation system ensures stable watering and eliminates harmful weather fluctuations, particularly in the off-season when precipitation decreases.
The farm team pays special attention to processing and uses a local laboratory for quality control, which further ensures good repeatability of lots. Consistent rainfall, high altitude and volcanic soils rich in potassium, phosphorus and other minerals provide ideal conditions for growing stunning lots like this, which is why Antigua is one of Guatemala’s most famous coffee-producing regions.
SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) – beans of the highest degree of hardness, elite Arabica grown at an altitude of more than 1400 meters above sea level.

Coffee Details

Product NameBandit
Taste Noteschocolate, tangerine, cashew
Roast level3 / 5
FarmFinca Medina
FarmerJorge Bolaños alias "Coco"
VarietalCaturra & Bourbon

How to brew

Moka Pot

Grind your coffee slightly coarser than granulated sugar. We recommend dosing the coffee according your own machine’s recommendation.

Fill the lower chamber with hot water. Place the funnel in the pot without letting water get in.

Fill the funnel with the ground coffee, smooth the coffee grounds (do not tamp) and wipe the rim of the funnel clean. Screw the upper part of the Moka Pot tightly.

Place the Moka Pot on the stove over medium heat. As soon as you hear a hissing, gurgling sound, take it off the stove immediately. Let the coffee flow into the upper chamber until the end.

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