Orange Red Apple Dark Chocolate & whatever you taste


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The Association Asprasar was founded by a group of farmers from a municipality called Planadas, in the south of Tolima, who were looking for a better quality of life. The cultivation area is located at an altitude of 1800 meters and has a diverse flora and fauna. The Association is composed of 100 families. The varieties grown by the Association are Castillo, Caturra, Colombia, Pink Bourbon and Geisha. The Association Asprasar aims to promote peace and progress in the region by working closely with the local community.

Coffee Details

Product NameAsprasar
Taste notesOrange, Red Apple, Dark Chocolate
Roast level2 / 5
Type100% Arabica
FarmAssociation Asprasar
FarmerAssociation Asprasar
VarietyCastillo, Caturra, Colombia, Pink Bourbon, Geisha
Altitude1.800 m
HarvestApr - Jun & Oct - Nov

How to brew

Our recommendation would be to use the V60 for our ASPRASAR.

The recipe we use is:

18 gr coffee – 300 ml – 96° C

4 pours (60 gr bloom for 45 seconds, then three 80 gr pours every 30 seconds)

Brew time: 3:30

If you prefer, you can instead use an AeroPress, a French press, or a filter coffee machine.
Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, or ask our barista in our CODOS cafés!