Maria Vides



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The Finca Canaque, named after a native tree of the region, was originally founded in 1958 by Jorge Vides and is now in the third generation of the family. The Finca Canaque is located on the top of the mountains in La Libertad Huehuetenango at an altitude of 1800 meters. Since 2016, Maria Vides owns the farm and focuses on producing quality coffee both washed and natural.

Coffee Details

Product NameMaria Vides
Taste notesWild Berries, Orange Peel, Dried Mango & whatever you taste
Roast level2 / 5
Type100% Arabica
LocationHuehuetenango, La Libertad
FarmFinca Canaque
FarmerMaria Vides
VarietySan Ramon, Caturra
Altitude1800 m
HarvestApr - May

How to Brew

Pour Over

Use 95 degree hot water, preferably filtered.

Wash out the paper filter with hot water before brewing.

We recommend 60g coffee / 1l water. If this is too strong/weak for you, use less/more coffee.

If your coffee tastes bitter, grind it coarser. If it tastes sour, grind it finer.

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