Monsooned Malabar


Dark Chocolate Spices Miso & whatever you taste


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Coffee is exposed to monsoon rains and winds for 3-4 months, which causes the beans to swell and lose their original acidity. After this, the grains are dried, so there is practically no moisture left in them, meaning they are very voluminous and light.
This coffee is unique and cannot be produced anywhere else. The name “Monsoonal Malabar” comes from the name of the monsoon winds on the Malabar coast. The coffee is unique in its coffee flavor profile: hints of spice, notes of nutmeg and a sweet and pungent undertone make its taste easily memorable. Usually Malabar does not leave anyone indifferent – either you like it or you do not like it. Sweet pungent shades can sound scary, but they can also be very pleasing. Think about blue cheese – which is also usually either loved or not tolerated. The flavor profile is easy to remember.
Monsoon processing is carried out as follows. Dry processed coffee is used. During the monsoon season – from June to August – green grains obtained as a result of dry processing are laid out on the floor of well-ventilated warehouses in a layer of 15-20 cm. The grains are blown by moist monsoon winds. The coffee is stirred and turned over frequently. The grains absorb moisture and increase in size and change color. After this, the coffee is packed in jute bags, which are arranged in small “columns”. The humid air of the monsoon season penetrates into the bags. The grains in the bags begin to “swell”, the bags also inflate and sometimes even burst at the seams. After the grains have swollen to the desired level, they are scattered again on the floor. This process is then repeated again until the grains acquire a golden hue. The entire procedure takes from 12 to 16 weeks.
After “monsooning,” the grains are processed on equipment that polish, grade, and sort by color. Before packaging for export, the grains are manually sorted.

Coffee Details

Product NameMonsooned Malabar
Taste NotesSpices , Dark chocolate, Miso & whatever you taste
Roast level4/ 5
Type100% Arabica
LocationChikmagalur, Karnataka
VarietalAspinwall, S795, S9 & Catimor
Process Natural / Monsooned
Altitude1.100 m

How to brew

Our recommendation would be to brew our MONSOONED MALABAR as an espresso, with a portafilter espresso machine.

The recipe we use is:

19 gr coffee in, and you’ll get 37 gr out.

Brew time should be 24 – 26 seconds.

If you prefer, you can instead use a moka pot or an automatic espresso machine. However, for these brewing methods, we would recommend our BANDIT house blend for the best results.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, or ask our barista in our CODOS cafés!