Marcala Decaf


Almond Cane Sugar Currant & whatever you taste


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Marcala is located in the Montecillos mountain range in Honduras and was the first registered designation of origin for coffee in the world. The growers in Marcala prepare for planting in a unique way and also harvest in a unique way by implementing a selection method at harvest. For many years, the quality of Marcala coffee in Honduras was second to none, and COMSA members carry this pride through every step of the process. In 2010, COMSA began marketing the coffees of a select few members as „microlots“ to identify the best qualities from the peak of the harvest and bring a new level of quality and traceability to their product.

Coffee Details

Product NameMarcala Decaf
RoastOmni Roast
Taste notesAlmond, Cane Sugar, Currant
Roast level3 / 5
Type100% Arabica
LocationLa Paz
FarmCafé Marcala S.A.
FarmerCafé Marcala S.A.
VarietyCaturra, Catuai, Typica
Altitude1.500 - 1.800 m