Luis Castro

Costa Rica

ginger bread mango red currant


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Juanachute is a coffee Farm in Costa Rica lead by Luis Castro in 4th generation.

Being a small farm has many advantages for producing and experimenting with high-quality beans. Our newest CODOS family member is a beautiful honey process coffee, growing with over 1700masl, which leads to distinct sweetness, fruity, full-bodied taste.

Coffee Details

Product NameLuis Castro
Taste notesGinger Bread, Mango, Red Currant & whatever you taste
Roast level3 / 5
CountryCosta Rica
Type100% Arabica
LocationPastora, Tarrazu
FarmerLuis Castro
ProcessYellow Honey
Altitude1.700 - 1.800 masl

How to Brew

Pour Over

Use 95 degree hot water, preferably filtered.

Wash out the paper filter with hot water before brewing.

We recommend 60g coffee / 1l water. If this is too strong/weak for you, use less/more coffee.

If your coffee tastes bitter, grind it coarser. If it tastes sour, grind it finer.

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