BIO Women Coffee Extension


Mandarin Floral Kiwi & whatever you taste


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(4,36  / 100 g)
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The Mibizi washing station is located in Kamoyi, in south of Rwanda. The women coffee extension brings female coffee farmers together to empower them economy through trainings for their own production and sales to create a social change. Many of these women are widows or orphans of the 1994 genocide and have to provide for their family’s on their own. The latest projects of the WCE are life insurance and clean water distribution for the farmers.

Coffee Details

Product NameBIO Women Coffee Extension
Taste notesMadarin, Floral, Kiwi
Roast level2 / 5
Type100% Arabica, Organic
FarmMbizi Washing Station
FarmerMuraho Trading
VarietyRed Bourbon
ProcessFully washed
Altitude1.500 - 1.800 masl

How to Brew

Pour Over

Use 95 degree hot water, preferably filtered.

Wash out the paper filter with hot water before brewing.

We recommend 60g coffee / 1l water. If this is too strong/weak for you, use less/more coffee.

If your coffee tastes bitter, grind it coarser. If it tastes sour, grind it finer.

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