The decision for our roastery was made on the basis of all the information gathered about coffee and the tastes and preferences of our guests since the launch of CODOS COFFEE in 2014. It is important for us to develop a roasting profile that tastes good. Over a cup of our specialty coffee, we want to convey emotions, to create a special moment for each individually. We believe that special coffee makes people happy, connects people and transports a feeling of home.


Our own roastery now allows us to have a precise overview of the entire roasting process. It is our top priority to perform all steps transparently, at a high-quality level, conscientiously and thoroughly. We carefully select our beans and source them from countries such as Guatemala, Colombia, Peru and Brazil. Here, we work closely with green coffee traders such as Meet los Amigos, who enable a continuous and open flow of information to local farmers, such as through virtual plantation tours. This promotes cooperation and the exchange of knowledge. We want this transparency and quality standard to reach our guests.


In the heart of Hamburg, in Ottensen, you will find our CODOS Roastery & Kitchen. A glass loft element forms the center of the premises and the scene of the roasting event. Through the glass, our guests have a view of the roasting process and can experience it live on roasting days. Everyone is welcome to drop in and gain some coffee insider knowledge. Our roastery with manufactory character also offers space for a café. Here, our baristi prepare the beans roasted on site into various coffee specialties that can be enjoyed with a piece of cake from BLACK APRON Bakery.


In the heart of Hamburg, in Ottensen, you will find our CODOS Roastery & Kitchen. A glass loft element forms the center of the premises and the scene of the roasting event.We roast our beans in a Loring S15 Falcon, one of the best roasters on the market. This offers 15 kg of coffee roasting capacity in a compact area of 3.5 square meters. The integrated burner roasts the beans and eliminates the smoke produced at the same time. Compared to conventional roasters, this can save up to 80% energy and reduce greenhouse gases with each roast. The high-speed cooling tray reduces cooling time while protecting the beans. Designed and manufactured in the USA, the stainless-steel roaster offers the ability to save and consistently repeat roast profiles.


When it comes to our coffee selection, we make sure to offer diversity that provides the right taste for every guest. Over the years, we have listened carefully to our guests, asking about their wishes and preferences. Based on this information, we developed our House Blends BANDIT (espresso) & SNATCH (filter). These nutty-chocolatey blends are medium-dark roasts and Everybody’s Darlings. Complementing our range are varietal pure 100% Arabica beans, medium as well as light roasts that follow the current trend. We offer farm & project coffees that accurately reflect this flavor diversity and through which we build consistent partnerships with coffee farmers and exporters.

Roasted and weighed, the coffee is hand-packed by us on-site in 100% recyclable and aluminum-free bags and is available in all CODOS COFFEE and BLACK APRON stores, as well as on our online shop codos.com.